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 ST. MARTIN'S is at the end of a magnificently shaded tree-lined avenue with spectacular views sweeping the valley below. Completely surrounded by long- established evergreen oaks, it is part of the picturesque convent complex, San Martino; the church itself houses paintings from the Umbrian School ( Tiberio di Assisi and Mezastris ) Trevi, Chiesa di S. Martino, Lunetta di Tiberio d'Assisi
The Chapel of St. Gerolamo on the left of the approach has one of Spagna's masterpieces: a fresco of the Assumption with various saints (1512). In the convent refectory there is a well preserved Last Supper (1601) and in the cloisters numerous tondi (1612) by Ascensidonio Spacca
(Translated by Sheila Rylands 1998)
Trevi, Convento di S. Martino - S. Maria Assunta di Giovanni Spagna

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